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On the Road to Financial Ruin

Have you ever stopped long enough to notice how many tools we have to assist our road travel these days? Fromtraditional traffic lights and road signs, to programmable electronic billboards, GPS, and a bevy of smart-phone apps forevery conceivable situation one might encounter on the road. The sheer volume is staggering. We are better informed…
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Secrets of a Wealth Creator: How to Buy, Borrow, and Pay Smarter

Let’s face it, we all buy things and we will need to buy things our entire life. It’s not necessarily what we buy, but ratherthe way we choose to pay for them that can have a lasting impact on our financial well being. Especially those things wecall Major Capital Purchases. These are things that cannot…
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A Matter of Perspective

There once was a blind man who was miraculously given his eyesight. For his entire life he had accomplished everythinghe needed to do without the benefit of eyesight. Instead of utilizing his vision, he leaned heavily on the use of his othersenses.When he was suddenly able to see, he had nothing to relate his new…
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Qualified Plans: The Hidden Truth

For many people, the term 401k is synonymous with retirement preparation, and sometimes represents the full extent oftheir preparedness. Such accounts are often included as part of a benefits package provided by employers, and chancesare if you have one, most of your retirement savings are being deposited into this account. Given that it can play…
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Trains, Tickets, and Taxes: All Aboard!

Imagine that there are four people in line to purchase tickets at the train station. One after the other, they each purchaseone ticket of the same class, on the same train, bound for the same destination. As they board, they take their seats nextto each other and after exchanging pleasantries they begin to compare the…
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Mortgages: Spoiled for Choice

It is likely that during your lifetime you will allocate more dollars to the place you are going to sleep than anything else. Assuch, the potential to transfer your wealth away unknowingly and unnecessarily as a result of decisions made surroundingyour mortgage is just as high. There is a great deal of misinformation and misconception…
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The Golf Caddie Analogy

Throughout the years, I’ve found that people tend to have a wide range of expectations that come to mind when they hearthe term “Financial Advisor.” And it’s no wonder that sometimes even the advisors themselves have differing opinions onthe term, and certainly different approaches to serving their clients. I’d like to outline what it means…
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Why My Clients Choose to Work With Me

If you have had any previous experience with a financial advisor, chances are the conversation revolved around howmuch money you have, where it’s located, we can do a better job. It would seem that most investment firms share thesame singular focus of trying to find better products that earn a higher rate of return which…
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Your Personal Economic Model®

One of the tools we are able to utilize when discussing the best course of action to secure your financial future is knownas the Personal Economic Model®. Much as a medical doctor would use an anatomical model to convey medicalconcepts, we use the following model to convey financial concepts. This model offers a visual representation…
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Relationships are Fundamental

It’s a funny thing about advice. Everyone seems to have an overabundance of knowing what others should do, and theyhave no problem telling you about it, especially when monetary gain is a motivating factor. However, there also seems tobe an equal dearth of understanding about who such advice is given to. If you’re anything like…
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Health Care: What Lies Ahead

In 1960, the average American spent about $147 a year on health care expenses. In 2017, that number was $10,739. In the ’60s, the health care industry represented 5% of GDP. In 2017, it was nearly 18%.1 Unfortunately, annual incomes have not increased on par with this particular cost of living. As a result, more…
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Newsletter: July/Aug 2020

News You Can Use America’s Job Crises: Past and Future Even before the mass layoffs caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, companies were having a hard time keeping workers employed. That’s because, in recent years, plentiful jobs have offered employees more options to jump ship if they weren’t happy. In August 2019, more than 4…
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